Friday, 13 June 2014

Chanel waist bag


This is a unique piece I got when I got Alexis and realised that pushing a pram needed free hands. This wasit bag from Chanel is used but have a life times life. Perfect as a belt over a coat or dress, only the fantasy can set the limits. I got hundreds of complement every time I wore it. Also perfect on trips when you want to have your money safe but still like to look chic and fashionable. The belt can also be used as a normal Chanel-belt without the bag. And the little bag can be put on a longer strap to be a mini-Chanel bag. I've used it in all ways. Chanel stamps all over. Very good condition! Comes with Chanel silk paper, strap etc. On me HERE!

size 75, fits both 70 and 80 since it's changeable.

Price: 6000SEK 0r 665Euro, new 13.000SEK and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at