fredag 13 juni 2014

Blue coat

Amazing little blue coat in cotton and linen with these very feminine ruffles in front. Perfect over a summer dress for parties and weddings or with jeans and flats. Looks just as good closed as opened. Used two times, no traces.

size: 36

Price: 900SEK or 100EURO and I'll stand for the shipping!

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Fur jacket


Beautiful fur jacket from the designer byMalina, perfect as a chic little jacket over chilly evenings during summer or with jeans and a cashmere top during spring and autumn. Lovely grey/beige colour and absolutely no trace of use. On me here.

Size:  36

Price: 2700SEK or 300Euro, new last autumn 7900SEK and i'll stand for the shipping.

For buy email me at

Chanel ballets, limited edition


I mean, how cool are these stunners from Chanel, limited edition colours in neon green. On me here. And here. I bought the last pair they had, a half size too big and have never really been able to wear them properly since they've always a little bit too big. So these can be yours. Amazing to a pair of jeans to the perfect poppy effect. Comes with Chanel shoe box! They need to be taken to the shoe maker for and get an new heel sole, but that cost 10Euro to fix. Take them to the shoe maker when needed and you can wear them all your life. Comfy as slippers, incredible!

Size: 39

Price: 2800SEK or 310Euro, new 5800SEK and i'll stand for the shipping.

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Chanel waist bag


This is a unique piece I got when I got Alexis and realised that pushing a pram needed free hands. This wasit bag from Chanel is used but have a life times life. Perfect as a belt over a coat or dress, only the fantasy can set the limits. I got hundreds of complement every time I wore it. Also perfect on trips when you want to have your money safe but still like to look chic and fashionable. The belt can also be used as a normal Chanel-belt without the bag. And the little bag can be put on a longer strap to be a mini-Chanel bag. I've used it in all ways. Chanel stamps all over. Very good condition! Comes with Chanel silk paper, strap etc. On me HERE!

size 75, fits both 70 and 80 since it's changeable.

Price: 6000SEK 0r 665Euro, new 13.000SEK and I'll stand for the shipping.

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onsdag 11 juni 2014

Classic and chic By Malene Birger dress


Beautiful, easy going dress in two layers black from by Malene Birger. Nice silk black details and really perfect both like I wear it HERE or more up-dressed. I had it both before my pregnancy and with Leon in the belly. The perfect little black dress! Looks ten thousand times better in reality then on these pictures!

Size: 38

Price: 800SEK or 88 EURO and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at

tisdag 10 juni 2014

Ralph Lauren, fitted shirt

A classic, but fitted shirt in blue/white stripes from Ralph Lauren in lovely cotton material. No further presentation needed. Wear it in one million ways! Used two times. No trace!

size: 36

Price: 900SEK or 99EURO (new 2500SEK) and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at

Pink top/tunic

A very cute and feminine tunic/top with volang on the sides and belt in the waist which gives it a dramatic and lovely look. Wear it to pants or with a bikini.

size: 36

Price: 300SEK or 33Euro and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at

Stella McCartney amazing skirt

An absolutely turn around couture piece from Stella McCartney that I bought autumn 2013. Worn one time and it turned heads. The illusion of a shorter skirt is so sensual and fashionable with the see though lace and gives a very chic look! Wear it to the party or with ballets for summer! No trace of use.

Size: 36

Price: 2500SEK or 276EURO (bought last autumn for 5800SEK)

For buy, email me at

Megan Park

One of my favourite dresses from the australian fashion designer Megan Park in two layers. So chic, feminine and different with the interesting thing happening in the middle. A under dress comes along. Beautiful for summer parties or for everyday. I have worn this one pregnant with Leon one time but I bought it and wore it un-pregnant first time. Amazing quality. Worn three times. Absolutely no trace. Can be seen on me here.

size: suits both 36/38

Price: 1000SEK or 110EURO, (new 5800SEK two years ago) and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at

Unused bag


Totally new bag in leather and suede from Zara that I bought as a stroller bag. I also got one in grey/black so this one has been unused. Works perfectly as a working bag or city bag. Comes with a practical strap so you can hang it on your pram or wear it over your body.

Price 550SEK or 66 EURO (new last autumn 900SEK) and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at

fredag 23 maj 2014

Marc Jacobs shawl/sarong


I've used this shawl as a pool sarong two times, but it's actually a pretty shawls with small birds from Marc Jacobs. Be chic in the summer with a bikini to it and use it in the evenings for colder evenings. No traces of use. Soft as a baby bump!

Price 600SEK or 67EURO and I'll stand for the shipping.

Statement necklace


Beautiful necklace, worn one time. Comes with velvet bag and box.

Price: 400SEK or 45 euro and i'll stand for the shipping.

Ann Taylor chic poncho/cardigan


Super chic cardigan pocho that enhances all easy going jeans a chilly summer evening. Used three times, you'll totally love it. Gives the female body a perfect waist and siluette!

Size: S/m

Price: 1100SEK or 122euro and i'll stand for the shipping.

Bimba & Lola


Practical and chic bag in green suede with gold hard wear from the Spanish brand Bimba & Lola. Used a couple of times, but hardly any signs. Can be worn as a clutch or with the shoulder strap that is adjustable. Comes with dust bag. Match most things! On me here.

Pris: 1300SEK or 144Euro and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at