Friday, 13 June 2014

Chanel ballets, limited edition


I mean, how cool are these stunners from Chanel, limited edition colours in neon green. On me here. And here. I bought the last pair they had, a half size too big and have never really been able to wear them properly since they've always a little bit too big. So these can be yours. Amazing to a pair of jeans to the perfect poppy effect. Comes with Chanel shoe box! They need to be taken to the shoe maker for and get an new heel sole, but that cost 10Euro to fix. Take them to the shoe maker when needed and you can wear them all your life. Comfy as slippers, incredible!

Size: 39

Price: 2800SEK or 310Euro, new 5800SEK and i'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at