Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Chanel black jacket/blazer


A Classic black Chanel tweed jacket bought in Zurich in a Vintage store. I had the buttons changed by the Chanel store in Zurich and they are smaller but since this jacket is meant to be worn open, they look gorgeous. The buttons themselves cost 3600SEK (410Euro). This jacket is a life long lover and it's moderns and normal in the shape and looks amazing to a pair of jeans. Very gently used. Much nicer and more black in reality. Press on the pictures for larger photo of details. On me here (but after I changed the buttons)

Size: 36

Price: 5500SEK or 600EURO, bought three years back for 13.500SEK (plus buttons for 3600SEK) and I'll stand for the shipping world wide.

For serious buy, please email me at stina_auer@live.se and be prepared to pay right away with the paying instructions that will in the email.