Wednesday, 6 January 2016

CASHMERE- set of 3, Ralph Lauren, Soft Goat, Davida

This is a set of 3 that I'm selling, three super high quality sweaters, all in 100 procent cashmere, soft and very exclusive looking, in normal sweater model. All very gently used. More "clear" in the coliurs then shown on these picture. The light blue is more real pastel blue.
The pink is Ralph Lauren cashmere (new 3900SEK), the light blue is Davida (new 1700SEK) and the grey is Soft Goat (new 1400SEK). All of them used about 1-2 times each.

Size: small

Price : 900SEK for the blue (blue SOLD!) , 800SEK for the grey and 1400SEK for the pink (pink SOLD!) and I'll stand for the shipping world wide.

For buy, email at and expect a quick answer back with paying instructions.