Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prada winter, padded jacket


The most perfect winter jacket from Prada.
Much more elegant then most winter padded jackets I've seen. Light, comfortable and warm, most of all. I bought this jacket last year for 1050EURO (9200SEK) and the tags and all are still on since I got two almost the same and only used one of them. So this one is left to be yours for a fashionable winter.
It's dark black, with a little bit of glance on it, padded and has a interesting, hidden opening in the back where some buttons are placed. You only see this if you look for it but it adds a nice detail to the design. It's so good looking on and will be a perfect companion for many cold autumn and winter days. Comes with tags and the Prada hanger.

str: 36/38

Price: 3400SEK and I'll stand for the shipping.

For buy, email me at stina_auer@live.se